Eyebrow,Skincare & Beauty Services

Malikah Divine Beauty offers Professional Grooming services for the eyebrows, skin and beauty

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Facial Treatments

Malikah Divine Signature Facial $75

Avocado Facial $85     (for dry skin conditions)

Burdock                             Birch Facial $85         (for Acne skin conditions)

Teen Facial $65                         (ages 9-15)

Malikah Divine Beauty offers facial treatments for Acne and Eczema skin disorders as well as normal skin types. Malikah uses on 100% Certified Organic herbal ingredients and live plant extract in her treatments. 


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Professional Brow Grooming

Professional Eyebrow Grooming $30

Prof. Brow Tinting $25

Begins with a consultation, followed up with gentle brow wax, tweeze, brow massage and style

Permenant Make Up

Permenant Make Up 

PMU Eyebrows $550                  Microblading $650         (Includes touch up fee)


Top (and) Bottom $600                Top (or) Bottom   $350 

 Lips                                             Lip Line & Full Lip $600                  Lip Liner $350